April 14


Erica Drew is Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction writer, and a poet. She has a poetry chap book Owning Nothing (Lulu, 2009) and if currently working on her first Urban Fantasy Death Needs a Favor.

Erica grew up in Cornwall, England and Stafford Virgina. After High school she enlisted in the U.S. Army where she met her wonderful husband. After Eleven years and one child later she finally settled down in the Austin Texas area.

It started with the first trip to the library. After that Erica devoured book after book. Since then, if she doesn’t have a book nearby to read the world  ends. Not literally, but it should. One day she decided to try her hand at writing one of her own.  She started writing in crayon, poems that didn’t rhyme when they should. If she doesn’t have a notebook with her, she should. (See above statement about world and ending.)