ooooh purple dragons


New year with all those pesky resolutions. OF course I did here that you should start them in March after heavy planning. So there is that. Being realistic though I need to stop dreaming a knuckle under. I've finally finish school, so I have to other pressing things to complete. I mean I only moved to a new house, sold a house and have work travel to get through. It's not procrastination really. Rule one in my life this year is going to be “MAKE TIME TO WRITE”, even if it’s only a paragraph or two a night. For the moment it doesn’t even have to be good, or even in a type of order. Just write. So now I can work on that to do list, because you know I can multitask but that much. So, I sit here drinking a glass of wine trying to remember what was on that pesky list, because you know I lose half of what I write down. 😆 So to do:

1. Beginning editing finished novel. (Be brutal about it.)

2. Finish WIP.

3. GO back and read first novel and see what needs to be added. (Because you know I was harsh in my editing) 4. Find Beta readers for said novel.

5. Go from there. (If I get here throw a party just because)