Life goes on, even in unique ways


The new norm possibly? Hopefully not.

So on the eve (sorta) of Texas being one of the first state beginning to open back up. Is this wise, who knows. As I see this I look at what I have accomplished. Now I am currently an essential personnel for my work so I have been blessed to still have a job. My husband has still been able to do his job as well, simply from home. The dynamic was weird, but doable obviously as we still are EMPLOYED. I know someone posted on Facebook about not being ashamed if you didn’t take the time stuck at home to do something big. Me I had big plans. BIG plans to finish a book, edit wise. Did that happen, ha ha no. What did I do? I baked and tried new food. Chicken Korma is good. Tried to home-school my kid and confirmed my belief that my kid’s teachers need a pay raise.

With that being said I am going to try to make the effort to do more. Why, because I think it will help me. Doesn’t matter if I suddenly sell a best seller on Amazon. Simply because it could possibly help me feel calmer. I am eyeing the “How to Blog Meaningfully and Grow Your Audience” that is being offered by Writer’s Digest and instructed by Jane Freidman.