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A short about how Brodric Mckinnen met Dannie and decided to keep her.

Sooo I put it up under the books page. A little back story to how Brodric found Dannie and decided to keep her. It's a good thing he knew his mate loved children. First paragraph below:

The wolf followed the scent as he moved. The moor was empty of day trippers, had been for days and yet something lingered in the air. Brodrick raised his head at a noise to his left. There before him stood a shadow wolf staring at him. Praying he wasn’t about to meet his maker without letting his wife know, he stepped closer lowering his body in a sign of respect. The shadow wolf was a thing of legend, a Fae blooded Were that was said to be their version of a Banshee. The wolf moved away, pausing to see if he followed. Brodrick mentally shrugged as he followed. If it was his day to die, he wouldn’t need to worry about Anna’s anger until later.